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We all have those days where we just can’t be bothered. Maybe you’re tired, maybe you’ve had a heavy day at work; you know going to the gym and getting your blood pumping will help but there’s also the entire series of friends waiting for you on Netflix at home that you’ve only watched 264845 times (priorities, right?). I recently saw an article on some top tips for dealing with these kinds of days, and since I’ve had a lot of those lately, I thought I’d share my own go-to methods of getting psyched!



I often find on a day where I have no psyche, I’m pretty keen to just get going and get the session over and done with. So, naturally, I rush a little through important things such as warming up. However, on days when I have no psyche, the likelihood is I’m not going to be top of my game, so jumping on the wall cold is definitely not going to help me feel any better!

To combat this lack of motivation and oomph, I extend my warm up, spending lots of time on each element and, most importantly, keeping it fun. So if you find your warm up a little mundane, why not do a little research and try some different exercises? Personally, I’m super into yoga at the moment and find it a great, thorough warm up for climbing. So, for me, a long, yoga-based warm up that gets my blood pumping is perfect for lifting my spirits and get me feeling super zen at the same time!



Climbing is such a sociable sport, being surrounded by good friends can be key for pulling you out of that negative spiral you’ve got going on. On days where I have no motivation, I find it very easy to keep to myself and let negative thoughts spiral away in my head.. rookie mistake! Even just chatting to someone I know in the gym for 5 minutes can instantly lift my spirits and, better yet, finding a buddy to play eliminate or add-a-move with is a great way of having a bit of fun and pulling you out of that spiral!



Maybe it’s just me, but a good tune can switch my mood like that! I’ve got a million different Spotify playlists for all my different moods; but my most important playlist is the one I made for training psyche! I can pop some headphones on while I boulder, blast it in the training room, or (if the wall’s empty) ask them to play it over the sound system (keep it PG guys). If a good bop doesn’t get you going, i don’t know what will tbh.



If I’m low on energy and psyche, all I want to do is get my heart racing without having to hang around or think too much about it. My solution? Laps, laps and more LAPS! I never used to be one for endurance training; I still prefer to be jumping about on techy boulder problems, but if I’m lacking the motivation, laps it is! I can pop in my headphones, bang on some good tunes and usually do 5 sets of 5 laps on the auto belays (usually on a constant overhanging route that’s one or two grades below my onsight level). By the end, I’m usually peeling off jugs with forearms that burn like hell (sounds like pure joy to me!).



Its very easy to stick to your routine, especially if you know it works. But I think for everyone there’s at least one element of training that, unless you’re super duper psyched, feels a bit tedious. I will quite openly admit, I HATE core. Okay, hate’s a strong word.. but myself and core have a dysfunctional relationship at best. I love the feeling after I’ve done a tough core workout, but I rarely make it to that point because core just doesn’t get me going (sorry hun).

But there’s not just one way to train each part of your body and even if you’ve found a way that works, variation is always good. For example, as well as doing yoga before and after climbing as a warm up/cool down, I’ve also found a few great videos for more intense, core focused yoga that I can do on rest days! Finding an alternative and more fun way of training something you don’t enjoy can be really important for training your weaknesses and can be vital on a day where you’re not feeling it.



It can be very easy to lose psyche when you’re used to training a the same place three or four times a week. On a day when I’m lacking motivation or not feeling super strong, sometimes visiting a new/different centre with fresh problems can be just the fix  I need!

So if you find you’re just not feeling it, you’ve done most of the problems your local centre has to offer and you’re just a bit sick of seeing the same walls day in day out.. take a trip somewhere new! This can obviously be easier for some (especially those who drive and live in bigger cities) but I take trains everywhere and if you’re willing to walk a little/do a longer journey, it can definitely be worth it!



Just because you said you’d work slopers today doesn’t me4an you NEED to. You’re going to try much harder and enjoy yourself much more if you keep it fun. There’s some days I might head to the wall with one intention and leave having done something completely different; but sometimes, it’s better to admit you’re not in the right head space and adapt your plan to suit what’s more likely to get you motivated and energised. Sometimes I catch myself being too harsh on myself and forgetting why I started climbing in the first place, for fun! I, personally, climb my best when I’m enjoying myself, not necessarily when I’m in a strict training regime. Don’t get me wrong, routine is greats sometimes; it helps me see my progress and get stronger, but I personally try not to get too caught up in it!



And lastly, don’t beat yourself up! We all have high-gravity days and low psyche days, it’s natural! Nobody is top of their game 24/7. So, it’s best to just keep in mind that even if you only stay for 20 minutes, that’s 20 minutes exercise you wouldn’t have done sitting at home. Plus, 9 times out of 10, you’ll feel better after having done even the smallest bit of training, it’s just the getting started that’s the hard part!


I hope this has helped get you psyched out of your mind! Have you got any go-to methods for battling low psyche days? If you do, leave a comment below!


The GB Paraclimbing Team are sponsored by Duco, Clifbar, Oakwoord Climbing centre and The Quay Climbing Centre

Abbie is supported by Probalm, Sano Physiotherapy and the Lions Club

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