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Lockdown, Goal Setting and Staying Positive

How do you stay positive during lockdown? How do you stay motivated all the time? Well, the answer is you don’t! It’s virtually impossible to stay positive all the time and I think it’s mega important that we’re all compassionate towards ourselves (regardless of circumstances/lockdowns) because some days just aren’t a goer!

One thing we all know that’s super helpful for motivation, especially now, is to set goals. Whether they’re long-term ambitions or short-term goals, either are great and a lovely mix of both is even better!

I have several goals for 2021, most of which I plan to keep close to my chest because I want the motivation to complete them to remain intrinsic. However, some of the most important goals I have involve learning to rest/recover more effectively, take care of my body and recover from a long(ish) term knee injury. I think these kinds of goals are super important to have as well as grades and routes you want to tick off. They really encourage you to shift your focus onto the process and coming out of the year an all round better, stronger human.

Recently, I’ve been trying to give every session or recovery day a clear purpose. There’s nothing worse than feeling like what you’re doing is pointless and, particularly when a task feels challenging either mentally or physically, it’s super helpful to be reminded of that bigger picture. Whether its a physio session for my knee that I need to remind myself not to push too hard on, a rest day I don’t want to take but I know will help me recover stronger or even a boring session that I know will pay off in the long run, it’s so useful to give these things a clear purpose. Writing it down gives it power! You can also (and I generally do) apply this to everyday life outside of sport too!

Again, the ability to have compassion for yourself is so important here. Some days just don’t go to plan and I won’t pretend I’m brilliant at handling that fact! But it’s all a learning process and I think the ability to look at the bigger picture, reframe and move forward is such an incredible strength to have, especially during difficult times like these.

What are your goals?

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