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Abbie is a British climber and coach based in both the North East and South West of England. Diagnosed with Stargardt Macular Dystrophy and registered severely sight impaired at 17, Abbie competes for the GB Paraclimbing Team and, so far, has secured five international gold medals (including three World Championship titles) for the B2 women’s category.

Abbie is incredibly passionate about tackling the stigma around disability and encouraging other people with disabilities to get involved in inclusive sport. She is a proud ambassador for the Wilberforce trust, a charity supporting people of all ages with sensory impairments, and Orcam Technologies, who design wearable devices for people with sight loss.

Abbie has shared her experiences on the BBC, ITV and at events such as the Women’s Climbing Symposium and Kendal Mountain Festival.


Lockdown, Goal Setting and Staying Positive

How do you stay positive during lockdown? How do you stay motivated all the time? Well, the answer is you don’t! It’s virtually impossible to stay positive all the time and I think it’s mega important that we’re all compassionate towards ourselves (regardless of circumstances/lockdowns) because some days just aren’t a goer! One thing we […]

Competitions, Performance and Fear

I’d consider myself naturally competitive, but not a natural competitor. I’ve always been competitive; a textbook perfectionist with a fundamental need to be the best at everything. But when it came to performance, I’d be overcome with crippling anxiety and fear of failure. As a kid, I entered the odd climbing comp; completely engulfed with […]

Disability and Inclusive Sport

I remember the day I was diagnosed with Stargardt Disease very vividly. It didn’t bother me in the slightest. In fact, I was just relieved that, after years of wondering why I was struggling in school, that I finally had a name for it. The shift came when I started to be referred to as […]


Abbie is fortunate enough to be supported by Beta Climbing, Sano Physiotherapy and Orcam Technologies. She is also a proud ambassador for The WilberForce Trust, a charity supporting people of any age with sensory impairments and other disabilities.