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Abbie is a British climber who has been climbing since she was 12 years old. At 17, she was diagnosed with Stargardt Macular Dystrophy and is registered severely sight impaired. She has been competing with the GB Paraclimbing Team since 2018 and, so far, has secured four gold medals and two world championship titles for the B2 women’s category.

Abbie is incredibly passionate about tackling the stigma around disability and, aside from striving to push her limits on the wall, she has spoken about her experiences t events such as the Women’s Climbing Symposium.


Stress and the Body

“Stress can be psychological, chemical or physiological, but it is always biological. Whatever the source of stress, it creates measurable changes in the body.” – Kimberley Wilson (@foodandpsych) While things are slowly beginning to go back to normal again, there is still an awful lot of uncertainty and anxiety in the world right now. With […]

Paraclimbing Categories: Explained

How do Paraclimbing Categories Work? Paraclimbing is a form of climbing designed for people with impairments. Although it is an IPC (International Paralympic Committee) recognised sport, we are yet to see climbing in the Paralympics as it is still very much in its infancy. There are a whopping 20 categories in total in paraclimbing; however, as […]


WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE! Hi! My name is Abbie and I’m a competitive paraclimber for Team GB, falling into the Women’s B2 category for the visually impaired. I’ve been climbing for around 7 years and first got involved through my local scout group in Sunderland; however, I didn’t begin to significantly lose my sight until a few years ago.  Alongside […]


Abbie is fortunate enough to be supported by Beta Climbing, The Climbing Lab, Sano PhysiotherapyOrcam Technologies and ProBalm. She is also a proud ambassador for The WilberForce Trust, a charity supporting people of any age with sensory impairments and other disabilities.